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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The Gisèle Croës Gallery cannot be responsible for possible damage, of any nature, that the user could undergo by using the information present on this site or on sites to which we forward them.

The Gisèle Croës Gallery cannot be responsible for the technical interruptions, disturbances and errors which would have slipped into the publication of information on this site.

These interruptions, disturbances or errors in the publication of information cannot, in any case, be the subject of unspecified financial compensation.


The concept of this site and all the characteristic elements bonded to it (and in particular the structure, the layout, the logo and the data base) remain the property of the Gisèle Croës Gallery.

The user cannot, in any case, call upon a right of ownership on the information present on this site. The Information, photographs, illustrations, documents of this site remain the property of the Gisèle Croës Gallery or to who provided the information. It is prohibited to reproduce, to distribute or to sell the information without written express authorization from the Gisèle Croës Gallery –  44 Avenue Emilie Duray - 1050 Brussels Belgium.

3. Appropriations photographic

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